To help our planet towards a better future, we must think of green alternatives in our daily consumption.
By introducing paper flowers as an alternative to cut real flowers, we are creating a product with a sustainable vision.
At PAPER FLOWER we create beautiful alternatives to cut flowers.
All our flowers are handmade, which gives quality and a special meaning to each flower.
With every purchase we plant a tree.
It is our vision to spare nature while at the same time building it up.

Long life

At PAPER FLOWER we want to take care of our climate and offer beautiful alternatives to cut real flowers. Paper flowers from PAPER FLOWER are decorative and in an exclusive craft, which decorate and last for a long time.

Contribute to the climate

In addition to the paper flowers having a long life, PAPER FLOWER will also contribute to the climate and reduce CO2 emissions by planting new trees. We can therefore offer a product with both a long-term thought, for bouquets and nature.

The preparation of

Paper flowers

All our flowers are handmade and consist of different types of paper, paint and thin metal sticks. PAPER FLOWER wants to achieve an expression of real flowers, and therefore we see our flowers as an art craft more than just an artificial flower.


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