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Discover the beauty and finesse of handmade crepe paper flowers. Our unique collection combines artistic skill with the finesse of nature to create lasting beauties for any event or space.

Denmark's Largest Selection of Crepe Paper Flowers

Our wide range of crepe paper flowers gives you a world of choice, from individual flowers to enchanting bouquets.

Each flower is created with care, cut and shaped by hand, using only the best quality paper. Whether you are looking for a single rose or a whole bouquet, Paper flower is your ultimate choice for crepe paper flowers in Denmark.

Put together your own unique bouquet

Dive into our diverse universe of crepe paper flowers and put together exactly the bouquet of your dreams.

With our impressive selection, you can mix and match and create a bouquet that reflects your style and taste. Put your personal touch with Paperflower and bring the beauty of nature into your home - all year round.

Why choose our Crepe Paper Flowers?

Our flowers are not just beautiful to look at - they are created with a deep understanding of the art of paper. Each individual flower is handmade, cut, shaped and assembled with great precision. This process ensures that you get a high quality product that can last for many years.

Care of Crepe Paper Flowers

Caring for your crepe paper flowers is simple. Avoid direct sunlight to maintain the intensity of the color and remember to dust them off once in a while. With proper care, your paper flowers can remain beautiful for years.

Paper Flower Evighedsbuket i Skandinavisk Interiør - Tidløs Elegance

Interested in DIY?

Many of our customers also love to create their own creations. That's why we've collected the best crepe paper DIY kits that make it easy to dive into the world of paper flowers yourself.

Papir evigheds blomst

Discover our creative world of paper flowers

Whether you are looking for the perfect bouquet for a gift, want to decorate your home, or are just curious about crepe paper flowers, we have something for you.

Dive into our selection and let yourself be enchanted.

Buy High Quality crepe paper flowers

When it comes to buying paper flowers , at Paper Flower we understand the importance of quality and aesthetics. Our range of crepe paper flowers are not just decorative accessories, but small works of art created with precision and passion.

Why choose us for your paper flower purchase?

Handmade Perfection:

Each flower is carefully designed, cut and shaped to mimic real flowers as closely as possible.

Durable Quality:

We only use the best crepe paper, which preserves the colors and keeps its shape over time.

Many Options:

Whether you are looking for a single flower or a whole bouquet, we have something to suit your needs.

Easy and clear, top quality.
Fantastic gift
The paper flowers are very nicely made and could easily pass for a bouquet of flowers.

5 products

Papirblomst anemonehåndlavet anemone
RED ANEMONE Sale price60,00 kr
Sold out
Lyserød Papirblomst - Skab Magi med PapirblomsterElegant Lyserød Papirblomsterbuket til Dit Hjem
LIGHT RED FLOWER Sale price165,00 kr
Sold out
Håndlavet evigheds grenPapirblomster kirsebær gren
CHERRY BRANCH - SMALL Sale price100,00 kr
Klatrelilje - Håndlavet papirblomst i naturinspireret design.Skab din egen evighedsbuket med vores klatrelilje i papir.
CLIMBING LILY Sale price80,00 kr
Sold out
Evigheds hortensiapapir hortensia
HYDRANGEA BRANCH Sale price200,00 kr


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