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Long-lasting Bouquets that Last for Years

Our long-lasting bouquets are crafted to bring enduring beauty into your home and life. Each bouquet consists of carefully selected paper flowers that retain their enchanting appearance for many years without the need for replacement. These bouquets require minimal maintenance and allow you to enjoy their splendor without hassle.

5 Great Reasons to Buy an Everlasting Bouquet

  1. Lasting Beauty: Everlasting bouquets are created to endure, retaining their enchanting appearance for years. When you purchase an everlasting bouquet, you invest in flowers that will never wither or lose their beauty.

  2. Minimal Maintenance: With an everlasting bouquet, you don't have to worry about watering or pruning. They require almost no care and can adorn your home or events effortlessly.

  3. Environmentally Friendly Choice: By choosing an everlasting bouquet over cut flowers, you reduce the need for frequent replacement and transportation, which is more environmentally friendly. This is a greener way to bring nature into your life.

  4. Personal Gifts: Everlasting bouquets are ideal as personal gifts for any occasion.

  5. Unique and Elegant Designs: Our everlasting bouquets are meticulously handcrafted and offer a wide range of colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a bouquet for a wedding, birthday, or simply to refresh your home, you can find a design that suits your taste.

Paper Flowers - Artworks in Craft

Our paper flowers are true works of art. Each flower is carefully handmade with precision and care, giving it a unique quality and beauty. Our range offers a plethora of colors, styles, and flower types to suit any occasion.

Unique Everlasting Bouquets

Our everlasting bouquets are unique and breathtaking. These bouquets are not just decorative elements but true artworks that elevate your decor and bring timeless beauty into your life. They are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or expressing gratitude and love.

Mother-Child Bouquet - Symbol of Love

Our mother-child bouquet is a symbolic expression of the precious connection between mother and child. This beautiful bouquet is created with love and care and is the perfect gift for any new mother or birthday.

Buy Paper Flowers and Send Bouquets

You can easily purchase our paper flowers and bouquets online. We also offer a convenient delivery service that allows you to send beautiful bouquets directly to your recipient. It's a simple way to show your love and appreciation.

Bridal Bouquets for the Big Day

Our bridal bouquets are a beautiful addition to any wedding day. They add a unique and personal touch to your wedding and allow you to preserve the beauty of your big day for a long time.

Wild Bouquets for Natural Beauty

Our wild bouquets are inspired by the natural beauty of nature itself. These bouquets feature a wide range of colors and flower types, providing a sense of natural elegance and romance.

Blogger Flowers for Creative Inspiration

Our paper flowers are a favorite among bloggers and creative souls. They add a unique visual appeal to your posts and projects and are perfect for photography and decoration.

Dried Flowers and Paper Flowers Together

Our paper flowers and dried flowers can be combined to create unique and beautiful bouquets and arrangements. This exciting blend of natural beauty and artistic creativity opens up a world of possibilities.

How Long Do Our Long-lasting Bouquets Last?

Our long-lasting bouquets and paper flowers can last for many years if they are kept away from water, moisture, and direct sunlight. They are the perfect choice for those with a busy lifestyle as they require minimal maintenance. You can place them anywhere in your home or office and enjoy their aesthetic appeal for a long time.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, wedding decoration, or simply want to bring beauty into your life, Paper Flower has you covered.


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Langtidsholdbare Papirblomster i Skøn HarmoniHåndlavet Papirbuket med Langtidsholdbare Blomster
Orange Eternal Paper Bouquet Sale price1.499,00 kr
Karen Blixen buketUnik Håndlavet Evighedsbuket med Papirblomster - Tidløs Skønhed fra Paper Flower
KAREN BLIXEN Sale price1.499,00 kr
NEW BOUQUET Sale price1.499,00 kr
A FAIRYTALE Sale price1.499,00 kr
Håndlavet Papirblomst - Unik og Naturligen Blomstrende Papirblomster Evighedsbuket - Skandinavisk Indretningsinspiration
THE FLOWERING ONE Sale price499,00 kr
Papirblomster evighedsbuketevighedsbuket af papirblomster
CLASSIC Sale price1.499,00 kr
POPPY BOUQUET Sale price499,00 kr
Lille Karen Blixen papirblomst i lyserød - Håndlavet evighedsbuket i høj kvalitetHåndlavede papirblomster - Unikke detaljer i 'Lille Karen Blixen' buketten
LITTLE KAREN BLIXEN Sale price750,00 kr
Fremhæv tidløs skønhed med vores håndlavede hvide papirliljer.Smuk papirlilje - en tidløs tilføjelse til dit hjem.
LILY BOUQUET Sale price350,00 kr
Evighedsbuket papirblomsterPapirblomster buket
WINTER Sale price1.499,00 kr
THE WILD Sale price1.499,00 kr
Lilla evighedsblomst i vase
Large purple flower Sale price165,00 kr


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