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Lily Eternal bouquet of paper flowers | Handmade White Paper Lilies

Experience the beauty and elegance of our Lily eternity bouquet, a wonderful tribute to nature's grace and timeless floral splendor. This unforgettable bouquet contains 3 white paper lilies, each created with the highest attention to detail and a dedication to the craft.

  • 3 handmade white paper lilies
  • Size: Approx. 45 cm in height
  • Made from white 180g crepe paper for an authentic feel

Use in Decor: Let your creativity flourish by incorporating our Lily paper flowers into your decor. These beautiful flowers can be used in countless ways. They add a touch of elegance to any room and can be put together in bouquets or used individually as beautiful decorative elements.

Care and Maintenance: To preserve their natural beauty and shine, we recommend gently dusting the flowers with a soft brush. Our paper flowers are made to last forever as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight and moisture. They are not intended for contact with water.

Inspiring Creativity: In addition to their decorative qualities, our paper flowers are versatile and durable. Get inspired for new ways to use them:

  • Embrace your guests with flowers by wrapping a lily around a napkin as a pretty napkin ring.
  • Combine our paper flowers with dried flower arrangements
  • Create a beautiful and unique flower wreath with our versatile paper flowers.

Flexible in Use: Our Lily paper flowers have bendable stems. Bend to adjust to your preference and vase.

A Remarkable Gift: Make any occasion unforgettable with our Lily paper flowers eternity bouquet. It is more than just a gift; it is a tribute to timeless beauty and elegance that will be cherished forever.

Order now and bring the unforgettable beauty of our Lily paper flowers eternity bouquet into your life and your decor.

Contribute to the climate

In addition to the paper flowers having a long life, PAPER FLOWER will also contribute to the climate and reduce CO2 emissions by planting new trees. We can therefore offer a product with both a long-term thought, for bouquets and nature.

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