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Create lasting beauty and a positive climate impact with our beautifully handmade "THE WILD" eternity bouquet in paper. This remarkable bouquet is a tribute to the diversity of nature and consists of 14 unique paper flowers, branches and leaves that together create a work of art and color. The bouquet measures an impressive 50 cm-60 cm in height.

Flowers in "THE WILD" Bouquet - An Oasis of Wild Bouquets:

  • 2 x Lily
  • 1 x Yellow peony
  • 1 x Purple peony
  • 1 x White dahlia
  • 1 x Purple branch
  • 1 x Large snare
  • 2 x Pea flower
  • 1 x Judas money
  • 1 x Buttercup
  • 1 x Wild rose
  • 1 x Green branch
  • 1 x Seed

Unique Handmade Flowers - The Beauty of Wild Bouquets:

Each flower in this bouquet is carefully handcrafted with precision and creativity, giving them an authentic charm. As our paper flowers are created by hand, the appearance may vary slightly, making each bouquet unique.

Create a positive climate impact with wild bouquets:

Our "THE WILD" eternity bouquet in paper is more than just a beautiful decoration. It is also a step towards a positive climate impact. By choosing this bouquet, you reduce the need to source natural flowers, helping to protect the environment and reduce your ecological footprint.

Care and Maintenance of Wild Bouquets:

To preserve the beauty and colors of the bouquet, we recommend that you dust off the flowers carefully. Although our paper is colored and durable, the colors may fade slightly over time, especially if the bouquet is exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to remember that our paper flowers cannot withstand water or humidity, so they must be kept dry.

Creative Uses of Wild Bouquets:

This versatile bouquet can be used in countless ways:

  • Elegant Centerpieces: Make your dining table or a special occasion unforgettable with this bouquet as a centerpiece.
  • Wedding decoration: Create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere by including these flowers in your wedding decoration.
  • Unique Gift Ideas: Consider giving this bouquet as a gift to a loved one. It symbolizes lasting beauty and consideration.

By choosing our "THE WILD" - HANDMADE ETERNAL PAPER BOUQUET, you bring elegance, creativity and positive climate impact into your life. It's more than just a bouquet; it's a statement of your love for nature and your commitment to protecting the planet.


Wild bouquets of wild flowers:

Create Magic with a Bouquet of Flowers

Do you dream of experiencing the beauty and uniqueness of wild flowers? Then our wild bouquets of handmade crepe paper flowers are the perfect choice for you. A bouquet of crepe paper flowers can transform any room and create an enchanting atmosphere.

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