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Give life to your room with a BRILLIANT YELLOW TULIP - PAPER FLOWER

Transform your bouquets and decorations with our handmade yellow paper tulip, a true treasure among our collection of everlasting flowers. This remarkable flower is more than just a decoration; it is a manifestation of joy and beauty that will light up any room.

Handmade Wonders: Our yellow tulips are created with careful attention to detail. Each flower is carefully shaped from durable crepe paper and mounted on a solid metal wire for stability and flexibility.

Colorful Elegance: The golden yellow color combined with green leaves makes our tulip a work of art in itself. This color palette creates an eye-catching feature in your bouquets and decorations.

Product specifications:

  • Material: Crepe paper, Metal wire
  • Height: 47 cm
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Colour: Yellow, Green
  • Price: NOK 60

Dimensions and Unique Variation: With an impressive height of 47 cm and a weight of 15 grams, this yellow tulip is a presentation of elegance and easy handling. Be aware that each and every flower is unique, as they are created with care and love. The variation in craftsmanship gives each tulip its own authentic character.

Long Life: Our paper flowers are made to last. By taking good care of them, you can enjoy their beauty for many years. We recommend dusting the flowers carefully to preserve their splendor. Although our paper is dyed, the colors may fade slightly over time, especially if the flower is exposed to direct sunlight. Remember that these flowers do not tolerate water or humidity and must be kept dry.

Create Vibrant Moments: Add a beautiful yellow tulip to your bouquets, centerpieces or decorations and let it spread life and joy. This paper flower is more than just a decorative element; it is a statement of positivity and brightness.

Your Home, Your Work of Art: At Paper Flower, we believe in bringing the beauty of nature into your home with long-lasting paper flowers. Our yellow tulip is a testimony to our vision, where art and nature unite to create timeless works of art.

Buy your YELLOW TULIP - PAPER FLOWER today and experience the beauty of eternal flowers.

Contribute to the climate

In addition to the paper flowers having a long life, PAPER FLOWER will also contribute to the climate and reduce CO2 emissions by planting new trees. We can therefore offer a product with both a long-term thought, for bouquets and nature.

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