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Introduce a touch of nature's beauty and mystery with our handmade purple leaf. This unique dark purple leaf is a subtle yet striking addition to any bouquet or decorative arrangement, providing depth and nuanced beauty.

Product details:

  • Material: High quality crepe paper supported by a strong metal wire for stability.
  • Height: 50 cm.
  • Weight: 9 grams.
  • Color: Captivating Dark Purple.

This craftsmanship ensures that while each blade strives for an ideal appearance, each one has its own unique touch that adds authenticity and beauty.

Maintenance and care: In order for your purple leaf to retain its beauty and elegance for many years to come, you should avoid exposing it to water and moisture. A light brushing every now and then will help keep the blade dust-free, ensuring it stays as vibrant as the day you received it. Be careful to avoid direct sunlight, as this can lead to a slight color change over time.

If you want to add a natural touch that gives dimension and color to your decorations, this dark purple leaf is the ideal choice.

Contribute to the climate

In addition to the paper flowers having a long life, PAPER FLOWER will also contribute to the climate and reduce CO2 emissions by planting new trees. We can therefore offer a product with both a long-term thought, for bouquets and nature.

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